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Helpful Worksheets

Welcome to the Helpful Worksheets area. Each of the informative worksheets included in this section is designed to help you better prepare for the home buying and selling process.

ERA Show and Sell Checklist:
A checklist of easy things sellers can do to improve the buyer's first impression.

30-Year Mortgages: How Much Will You Pay?:
A chart detailing the amount of principal and interest you can expect to pay on a 30-year loan over a range of interest rates and loan amounts.

How To Pay Off a 30-Year Mortgage in 15 Years Without Really Feeling It:
How to gain full ownership of your home in about half the time called for by the terms of your mortgage.

Five Days to a Smooth Closing:
A day-by-day checklist of things sellers should do during the final week before closing.

Home Features Worksheet:
A worksheet for buyers that allows you to note room sizes, features that need a second look, and other comments.

Inspection Checklist:
A worksheet for buyers that helps you understand the items that will most likely be included on your professional inspection report.

Mortgages at a Glance:
An overview of available mortgages, their respective benefits and requirements.

Keep Your Home In Good Working Order and Watch its Value Grow:
A helpful list that lets you document your home's air conditioning and plumbing systems as well as service dates.

Five Things To Look For In An Agent:
And five reasons to work with an ERA American Real Estate Specialist.